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Reasons To Own Precious Metals

If you study world monetary history, it won’t take you long to come to the conclusion that gold & silver are the only true money. For thousands of years, gold and silver have been treasured, coveted, and cherished. History proves that they are the world’s only true standard of money. Their physical properties meet all 7 of the qualifications required to be money, and the last one is what separates Currency from Money. 

The seven requirements to be money:

  • Portable: Able to be easily carried or moved.
  • Durable: Able to withstand wear and damage.
  • Medium of Exchange: Accepted as an exchange for goods and services.
  • Unit of Account:  Has the same value everywhere, and in every county.
  • Fungible: Interchangeable, or the ability to be replaced by another identical item.
  • Divisible: Capable of being divided into equal parts.
  • Store of Value: Retains purchasing power over an extended period of time.

The Federal Reserve, which was enacted in 1913, is actually a privately owned central bank that is in no way part of the US Government. Since its creation, the dollar’s “Store of Value” has been inflated away. 2 cents in 1913 had the same purchasing power that a dollar has today, and continues to lose value.

Thomas Jefferson said “Inflation is the only tax that can be imposed without legislation”. The Federal Reserve is stealing value from all our pockets every single day. It was named the “Federal Reserve” to confuse us, and make us think it was actually a branch of Government. When the facts are that it is not Federal, and it has no reserves. They literally create currency out of thin air, which just devalues the purchasing power from all the other dollars in existence. Dollars are not a store of value. 

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